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May 13, 2013

About Filter Web Parts SharePoint List Filters

Rediscover the Power of SharePoint Filtering. FilterZen is the best Filter Web Part for SharePoint yet.Dynamically filter Lists, Document Libraries, Data Views and other Web Parts on the fly, automatically or interactively, choosing from a wide range of specialized filtering mechanisms.FilterZen's highly customizable Page Request (URL query string and more) Filters, User Filters, Date Filters, List Lookup Filters, Business Data Catalog (BDC) Filters, SQL Data Filters (for ADO.NET), Page Column Filters, Choice Filters and plain simple Text Filters get you started quickly and easily, are all smart about their current filtering context, share common useful settings and can be combined, pre- and post-filtered in powerful ways.Maximize information value and minimize resource usage: on all SharePoint editions (including WSS and MOSS Standard), you can now create innumerable filtered Views on information without, well, creating them.Turn hours of menial customization work into minutes while saving your users insane amounts of time that is no longer wasted sifting through irrelevant search results pages.Snippety Snip! Your filtered Web Part, Data or List View is ready.With FilterZen, creating new filtered views on data can now be as easy as setting up a new hyperlink. These simple and yet so versatile building blocks empower you to give your SharePoint users more choices and faster access to relevant information, and lets you devise new, powerful solution design patterns.Using Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) 3.0?Now is a good time to finally introduce the power of Web Part filtering to your environment!Using MOSS 2007 Standard Edition?No need to move to pricey Enterprise Edition right now. We give you even better, more useful Filter Web Parts than the "Enterprise" ones...Using MOSS 2007 Enterprise Edition?Congratulations, more good news: FilterZen beats the OOB Filter Web Parts! [ See ].

Changes in this version:

Multiple Filter Values, Text Filters, Choice Filters, Date Filters, List Lookup Filters, User Filters, Page Column Filters, Page Request (URL query string) Filters, Business Data Catalog (BDC) Lookup Filters, SQL Data Lookup Filters, Better BDC Business Data Item Builder, Filter programmability API

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